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Clouds Photoshop Free Action

Clouds Photoshop Free Action

  • Title: Clouds Photoshop Free Action

    Category: Special Effects And Textures

    filetype: ATN

    file size: 2.3 kb

    author: actions4photoshop

  • Description:

    Download this clouds Photoshop action for free and start creating your own clouds effect. In your designs you can use cloud PNG images or use this actions to generate clouds. The action works with any text layer, vector shape or rasterized object.

    If you want to create clouds in Photoshop you simply play the action and the effect in ready in just a few seconds. This clouds generator is a 1 click action; make sure you have only one layer before you play the action. Add some clouds brushes after the action is ended and you will obtain great loking results.

    All the layers are merged so you can not edit the initial text, shape, etc. So you will obtain Photoshop clouds from any shape with this quick action. The clouds action is free for all our users, so we hope you like it! It is free for personal non commercial use, attribution is required and the redistribution of the file is not allowed.

    To write a name on image I suggest using the MockoFun online graphic design tool.

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