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Premium Skin Retouching Glow Effect Photoshop Action

Skin Retouching Glow Effect Photoshop Action

Professionally enhance your image 3-layer deep with an ultimate skin glow effects. Different techniques were combined in order to achieve this photo skin retouching. This workaholic package is essential for your daily projects.

These effects weren't easily achieved. Several layers and filters were combined, modified and properly blended in order to produce shiny studio effects that will enhance your image. It works for any skin color.

You no longer need to spend hours manually applying highlights. This action will automatically do it for you. If you don’t have this package, you are missing one of the most celebrated image retouching effects.

This action is for designers and photographers. - Ultimate skin glow effects - Photorealistic result - Properly grouped and labeled - Several filters and layer blend - Digital Lab Tested For an even more personalized touch, try combining this action with MockoFun’s AI face swap online free tool to create unique and captivating visuals. Download this action and elevate your photos to new heights of elegance and style.

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Glamorous Glow Action Photoshop

Glamorous Glow Action Photoshop

This is my first PS action that I have made. It was originally meant to be used on portraits and faces, but it works as well on flowers and other objects. I did not flatten the layers at the end, so you can still adjust the opacity, add or remove them to your taste.

The action adds a glamorous glow effect to your photos. So, from a simple plain photograph you can obtain a glamour glow effect that you often find in fashion magazines. For an even more personalized touch, try combining this action with MockoFun’s AI face swap online free tool to create unique and captivating visuals.

Download this action and elevate your photos to new heights of elegance and style.

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Paper Fold Photoshop Generator

Paper Fold Photoshop Generator

Ever wondered how to fold paper? Well there are hundreds of ways to fold paper and there is even an art of folding paper named origami. This simple action makes a basic fold effect, nothing to complicated. With this new Photoshop action you can add the fold paper effect to any paper, canvas, cardboard, magazine page, etc.

The action adds two folds to your paper canvas, one on the vertical line and one on the horizontal line. The paper is folded on the half using a black transparent gradient. The good thing is that after the action is played all the layer styles remain intact so you can easily adjust the opacity of the fold, the direction, the location and so on.

If you duplicate one of this fold layers and move the gradient you can obtain three or as many folds as you wish. I recently did a Photoshop project using this action. I created a Stranger Things poster and used the folded paper action to make the poster more realistic.

The poster was really easy to create using this online Stranger Things Font Generator where you can input your own text in the style of the TV series title.

Here's how it looks:

Stranger Things Folded Paper Poster

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3D Photoshop Action Generator for Text and Shape

3D Photoshop Action Generator for Text and Shape

Create amazing 3D effects in Photoshop with this free 3D action generator. With our cool 1 click action you will obtain realistic 3D look out of any text, shape or raster. The final object is like in the preview image a sof gray but you can easily change the color; you can add gradients, patterns, change the drop shadow effect and so on.

After the 3D action is ended you have 3 result layers that you can adjust and customize. The best thing about this 3D generator is that is free for personal non commercial use, attribution required. 3D logos look very cool.

Try to combine letters into one and apply this 3D Text Photoshop action to create an awesome logo effect. If you are into web design you can check out this amazing CSS & HTML highlight text tutorial and see more ways to make text more interesting.

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Crop Picture Shape

Crop Picture Shape

Crop picture into any shape using Photoshop with this quick and easy action. Fill shape with image using the Photoshop action. To crop pictures into shapes, use our free Photoshop action:

  1. Install the action.

    So, first you have to install the action.

  2. Open your photo. Second, open your photo in Photoshop.

  3. Play the action. Finally, play the action to crop pictures into shapes.

You can also crop irregular shape online using this free tool.

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Clouds Photoshop Free Action

Clouds Photoshop Free Action

Download this clouds Photoshop action for free and start creating your own clouds effect. In your designs you can use cloud PNG images or use this actions to generate clouds. The action works with any text layer, vector shape or rasterized object.

If you want to create clouds in Photoshop you simply play the action and the effect in ready in just a few seconds. This clouds generator is a 1 click action; make sure you have only one layer before you play the action. Add some clouds brushes after the action is ended and you will obtain great loking results.

All the layers are merged so you can not edit the initial text, shape, etc. So you will obtain Photoshop clouds from any shape with this quick action. The clouds action is free for all our users, so we hope you like it! It is free for personal non commercial use, attribution is required and the redistribution of the file is not allowed.

To write a name on image I suggest using the MockoFun online graphic design tool.

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Vintage Photo Action

Vintage Photo Action

This is similar and improved version of my old actions. The Vintage Action includes: Aging; Color; Cracks; Bending and as a bonus Old Paper Style. Please read the Instructions first, before you run the action.

Free for personal use, for commercial please do ask. Thank you! Combine your photo with an old paper background to get a more vintage photo look. Did you know you can make vintage photo effects using CSS?

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Old Parchment Action

Old Parchment Action

Now you can create your own famous document or treasure map! All you have to do is play the action and then print it out. You get an 8 1/2×11 inch piece of paper with tears, yellowed edges and other artifacts. Compatibility with Photoshop CS and higher.

To make a more realistic old parchment design, combine it with an old paper background image or texture.

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Frame photo with text action

Frame photo with text action

g. change the color of the frame). This is the first of a series of action sets that you may use to quickly add nice frames to your images.

They are intended for use on images for screen/web viewed at 100% zoom. Created in Photoshop CS4. If you want to add text to an image, I have the perfect online tool for you: MockoFun.

These Photoshop actions add a frame/border to your image with editable text. Everything is done in layers so it is quick and easy to tweak it (e.Check out the curved text generator in which you can add your own photos, images from Textures4Photoshop and hundreds of thousands of other photos and graphic elements. It's fun and it's FREE!

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