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Camo Pattern Generator

Camo Pattern Generator

  • Title: Camo Pattern Generator

    Category: Special Effects And Textures

    filetype: ATN

    file size: 2.1 kb

    author: plastictrash

  • Description:

    Alright, here's the updated version of my Camouflage Pattern Generator Photoshop action. The biggest improvement is the new look of the digi camo pattern, which is a lot more realistic now, I think. The usage is still the same, create a new document (something around 1024x1024 works best), select a background color and a foreground color (for the first pattern's color), run the script, change the remaining colors during runtime.

    You'll be asked if you want to turn the resulting camouflage texture pattern into a digi camo pattern.The generated patterns, classic and digi, will both be seamlessly tileable.

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