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Crop Picture Shape

Crop Picture Shape

Crop picture into any shape using Photoshop with this quick and easy action. Fill shape with image using the Photoshop action. To crop pictures into shapes, use our free Photoshop action:

  1. Install the action.

    So, first you have to install the action.

  2. Open your photo. Second, open your photo in Photoshop.

  3. Play the action. Finally, play the action to crop pictures into shapes.

You can also crop irregular shape online using this free tool.

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Landscape Effect Free Photoshop Action

Landscape Effect Free Photoshop Action

Beautiful photo effect action that works best on landscape photography. This photo action adjust the colors of your landscape, adding a yellowish beautiful tone of color. It also sharpens the image reducing the noise and blur of your image.

The brightness is also increased so your photo looks magic. Very beautiful photo effect action that you can download for free! To prevent people from using your photos without permission, here's a complete solution for how to add watermark to photos online from MockoFun.

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How to Remove Background in Photoshop

How to Remove Background in Photoshop

This is not a tutorial about how to remove background in Photoshop, it's better than that. If you are looking for a Photoshop action to remove background of images, check out this free action from PhotoshopSupply to remove black background. You can easily use this Photoshop action to batch remove background of images.

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Lineart Photoshop Action

Lineart Photoshop Action

Here's a Photoshop action I use to separate scanned lineart from the background onto its own layer, so you can color underneath or whatever. Useful for when you accidentally start a drawing on the background layer. I know there's probably a billion different tutorials and actions for this already, but this is what I use.

When I started drawing with Photoshop I really learned a lot from this definitive guild on how to draw a line in Photoshop. That contains pretty much all techniques you need to know about for doing line art. Also make sure to check out this other free Line Art Photoshop Action.

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Premium Vintage Retro Photo Effect Photoshop Actions

Vintage Retro Photo Effect Photoshop Actions

Vintage Retro Photo Effect Photoshop Actions; Simple, strong, and effective vintage photo effects. Five effects, easy-to-use, perfect for enhancing your photos! Create amazing photo effects and instagram like effects using these amazing Photoshop actions. Give a vintage romantic look to your images with just 1 click.

Did you know you can make vintage photo effects using CSS?

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Premium Skin Retouching Glow Effect Photoshop Action

Skin Retouching Glow Effect Photoshop Action

Professionally enhance your image 3-layer deep with an ultimate skin glow effects. Different techniques were combined in order to achieve this photo skin retouching. This workaholic package is essential for your daily projects.

These effects weren't easily achieved. Several layers and filters were combined, modified and properly blended in order to produce shiny studio effects that will enhance your image. It works for any skin color.

You no longer need to spend hours manually applying highlights. This action will automatically do it for you. If you don’t have this package, you are missing one of the most celebrated image retouching effects.

This action is for designers and photographers. - Ultimate skin glow effects - Photorealistic result - Properly grouped and labeled - Several filters and layer blend - Digital Lab Tested

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Premium HDR Photo Enhancer Photoshop Action

HDR Photo Enhancer Photoshop Action

The first pack of ActionizerPRO HDREnhancer; including 30 breathtaking HDR photo effects that can be achieved with only 1 click using Photoshop actions. All the actions leave the original layer unharmed so you don't have to remove the effect if you want to edit the original image or apply another effect.The layers are carefully labeled and fully editable so you can easily personalize any of the effects.

What includes? Atn. file with 30 HDR Photoshop actions; Pdf. file with a 5 steps tutorial

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Soft Color Photo Action

Soft Color Photo Action

Download these beautiful Soft Color Photoshop Actions that will enhance your photos. Action may not look good on every type of photo, and it's mainly designed for portraits. Love to see what you do with them, have fun

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